Production of promotional material on equipment for University of Novi Sad and visit to University

UNIVERSITY BRAND – an activity that is ongoing

At the invitation of the Rector Prof. Dr. Dusan Nikolic, project manager Prof. Vasilije Petrovic with his associates Danka Joksimovic, Anita Milosavljevic and Snezana Milosevic attended the meeting at the University of Novi Sad in January 2017. The meeting was attended by Rector associates. We discussed the possibilities of developing Brand University of Novi Sad within the Center for help for the economy, which is based in the cross-border project MIS CODE 1427 Project Manager Prof. Vasilije Petrović said that the Center can accept the idea of ​​developing of Brand University but the subject of research will be based on positive examples of well-known universities in the world, and would consist in finding possibilities for the development of design fashion products as part of an integrated development strategy process Brand University of Novi Sad. It was agreed to continue working on the development of this idea. Developing this idea offered some of the solutions. Part of the solution is shown in the following figures.