The exhibition of gathered motives

Workshop for assembling video footage prof. Dejan Petrović 15.04.-18.04.2016

Presentations from the lecture prof. Dejan Petrović 08.04.-10.04.2016.

Notes from the workshop 08.04.2016.

Notes from the workshop 09.04.2016.

Notes from the workshop 10.04.2016.

Professor Jelka Vulović lectures 23.03-27.03.2016.

At the workshops, the students had an opportunity to learn something new and make progress in the field of modeling and construction. Created the template for several models in natural size, all templates students are actively in the workshop multiplied by the lecturer sizes, worked in modern grading programs Lectra, fit and create a cutting pattern on modern plotters.

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Day 16.02.2016.
  • Vladičanski dvor
  • Panorama grada
  • Katolička crkva sveta Ana – Vidikovac
  • Kula u Vršcu
  • Kulturno umetničko društvo „Jovan Ančić“
  • Gradski muzej Vršac
  • Rumunska pravoslavna crkva
  • Srpska saborna pravoslavna crkva
  • Obilazak grada
  • Obilazak katoličke katedrale u Vršcu
Day 17.02.2016.
  • Prijem u opštini Plandište
  • Poseta fabrike „ Jasmil“ ( tehnološki postupak proizvodnje odeće )
  • Poseta etno kuće Slovaka u Hajdučici
  • Slovački dom gde je pripremljena izložba ručnih radova
  • Poseta Zrenjanina
  • Gradski muzej u Zrenjaninu
Day 18.02.2016
  • Poseta etno kuće u Uzdinu
  • Poseta novinarsko – izdavačkog preduzeća „ Llibertatea“ u Pančevu
Day 19.02.2016.
  • Poseta Tehničkog fakulteta „ Mihajlo Pupin“ u Zrenjaninu ( obilazak laboratorija, WGSN prezentacija)
Day 20.02.2016.
  • Poseta etno kuće u Ečkoj
  • Poseta suvenirnice i prikupljanje etno motiva
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Day 25.02.2016.
  • Poseta fakulteta za dizajn i umetnost odeće
  • Muzej „ Barok“ na trgu Jedinstva „ Nirea“
Day 26.02.2016.
  • Škola narodnih umetnosti
  • Prisustvo probama kulturno umetničkog društva „Banatal“
  • Poseta srpske pravoslavne crkve
  • Katolički dom
  • Rumunsko pravoslavna katedrala i muzej katedrale
Day 27.02.2016.
  • Muzej etnografije i istorije u Lugoj
  • Muzej „Traian Vuia“
  • Muzej etnografije i istorije „ Din Faget“
Day 28.02.2016.
  • Muzej etno sela u Temišvaru
  • Poseta fakulteta ( obilazak laboratorija za industrijski dizajn, dizajn produkta, grafički dizajn, enterijera, 3D štampač… )
Day 29.02.2016.
  • Fabrika za industrijski dizajn i pravljenje prototipova proizvoda
  • Poseta fakulteta i analiziranje prikupljenih motiva i postignutih rezultata


Presentation TF V. Petrović

Presentation Plandište J.Milutinović

Promotional conference of the project cross-border cooperation called “The analysis of innovation and cooperation ability and development opportunities of SMEs in the Serbian-Romanian cross-border area inspired by the cultural heritage of the Serbian and Romanian people” (Analysis of innovation capability, cooperation and development opportunities MSP in transfrontier area of Serbs and Romanians inspired by cultural heritage Serbian and Romanian people), was held in Faculty of Engineering “Mihajlo Pupin” in Zrenjanin, on the 18th January 2016. Project is implemented by three partners and they are: Faculty of Engineering “Mihajlo Pupin” – University in Novi Sad, from Zrenjanin,  who is also a leading partner in the project, Faculty of Arts and Design – West University of Timisoara, from Timisoara and Municipalities Plandište.

In his introductory speech, in front of the Faculty the dean prof. dr Milan Pavlović, pointed the importance of the project for the development of the region Banat on both sides of the border as well as for the development of Faculty of Engineering “Mihajlo Pupin”. Namely, from this project Department of textiles – clothing science and design will equip its laboratories with new equipment worth over 126.000 Euros. The Dean was also pointed the importance of participation in international projects teachers and students from this faculty and new experiences acquired by cooperation with academic communities from other countries.

Project manager Prof. Dr Vasilije Petrović from Faculty of Engineering “Mihajlo Pupin” talked about the objectives, activities and results of a project. Then Prof. Dr Florea Hariton, coordinator of the project team in front of Faculty of Arts and Design – West University of Timisoara, from Timisoara, introduced its Faculty and project activities that will be done in the Romanian part of Banat. Professor Hariton was also pointed the importance of international cooperation our two faculties and expressed the hope that this established cooperation will be even more strengthen, especially the cooperation of both faculty and students which are significantly involved in the project activities. Then spoke Jelena Milutinović, project coordinator in front of Municipalities Plandište. She talked about importance of the project for Municipalities Plandište, whereby especially emphasized project provided training entrepreneurs and workers.

Project manager, Prof. Dr Vasilije Petrović, in his speech, first talked about resources of Department of Textile-clothing science and design which are going to be used in the project. Then he pointed out that the main objective of the project is increasing the competitiveness of business entities, MSP from the area of textile industry by linking with scientific and research institutions and the use of the economy knowledge. Project predicts as a goal and increasing employment through finding a new product in the fashion industry based on the authentic cultural heritage of the people who live in Banat. Speaking about the project activities professor Petrović pointed the importance of founding Center for Research and development fashion industry in Banat in which the two groups, each of 15 students and professors on both sides of the border, in the mutual visits for a period of 5 days, first of all work on research and identification of authentic motives from national culture and traditions of the Serbs and Romanians. About collected motives will be discussed at the round table , then it will be made the database with authentic motives which will be the content of announced competition for making contemporary clothing inspired with cultural heritage of the Serbs and Romanians. Selected works will be realized within the project and displayed at exhibitions and fashion shows in Zrenjanin, Timisoar and Plandište. The second group of activities is related to the education of project participants to develop new fashion products as recommended by the European Technology Platform for the development of the textile and clothing – vision by 2020 year. In order to attain the level of development of new products according to the vision of European Technology Platforms , professor Petrović pointed that in the context of the project will be procured modern equipment such as: computer-guided machine cutter for textile materials, industrial plotter for plotting cuts clothes, 10 industrial software packages for: create a collection of clothes, construction and design fabric, construction and design of knitwear and the printed design effects on textile materials, than universal dynamometer, a device for testing color fastness to perspiration, water and seawater, analytical precision balance, loupe to determine the density of textile materials, industrial printer for printing on textile materials, etc. It was pointed out that this equipment will enable training for project participants for rapid development, design and technical preparation of new products, easily creation technical documentation of fashion products in electronic form and their swift exchange between producers and buyers of fashion products regardless of where in the world they are located.

After presenting the project, Prof. Petrović expressed the hope that the project will contribute to improving the quality of training new staff for jobs which require the fashion industry in the Banat region. After that Prof. Petrović opened the discussion on the importance of the project for the fashion industry in the Banat region. In the discussion took an active part: Mr. Biljana Vlatković from the Regional Chamber of Commerce Zrenjanin, Mr. Bogomir Bojić, owner of one of the largest companies in the production of clothing in Vojvodina – Mondeks, Mr.  Vladan i Mrs. Milica Kešelj owners of enterprise for the production of workwear Kelekom d.o.o. from Zrenjanin. In the discussion took part and graduates of Faculty of Engineering „Mihajlo Pupin“ who have their own company, and Mr. Strahinja Sekulić in front of his company Yu-tex and Innovation clusters and fashion industry of Vojvodina, where he is the manager of the cluster and Ms. Senka Đorđević. Then discuss Prof. Dr Jovan Stepanović and Prof. Dr Dušan Trajković from Faculty of Technology from Leskovac. All participants in the discussion commended the project goals and pointed out that this is a good time to revive the fashion industry of Banat, as well as training new staff so needed this sector, which is as set out in the discussion, one of the leading Serbian exporters, with the size of the export of over one billion and one hundred million dollars in the past few years.

Great interest for project activities showed the other at this conference, which had over 100 participants present.

Technical faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, Zrenjanin. 

Prof. dr Vasilije Petrović,
Project manager
tel. +381 62 801 97 59
e-mail:                                                          Date: 20.01.2016.