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Contract No: 88511/14.10.2015

MIS CODE: 1427 

Total budget: 334,980.00

Implementation period: October, 24, 2015 –  December, 23, 2016

Project title: The analysis of innovation and cooperation ability and development opportunities of SMEs in the Serbian-Romanian cross border area inspired by the cultural heritage of the Serbian and Romanian people

Project Menager: Prof.dr VASILIJE PETROVIC


Programme objective(s): Project is consistent with the following program strategies:

  • It is based on the cross-border cooperation between scientific – research institutions operating in the field of textile processing technologies, arts and design and SMEs operating in this field of production.
  • Project contributes to improvement in competitiveness of this field through cooperation between project stakeholders, increases in technical and technological production levels and strengthens the identity of the regional product.
  • Project contributes to balanced and sustainable development because it increases volume and quality of the production, especially in the rural communities, preventing population from leaving these areas, increasing employment and raising the quality of life.
  • It helps to overcome the attitude which considers “the border” to be a divisive factor and it promotes greater cooperation, communication, movement and joint regional activities aimed at improving socio – economic status of Banat region.
  • Joint actions, cooperation and networking of the scientific – research institutions and manufacturing enterprises, introduction of new technologies and their application, research of authentic comparative advantages will contribute to a strengthening of regional identity.


Priority axis objective(s): Priority axis objective is the improvement of socio – economic development achieved by strengthening economic position of SMEs operating in the field of textile production. Networking of scientific, technological and creative knowledge of universities and SMEs working in the field of textile industry, from both sides of the border, will increase the competitiveness of this industrial field and it will create infrastructure which will provide long-term support for production and product placement. Introduction of innovations based on the regional characteristics and comparative advantages, increases relevant potentials and creates conditions for permanent competitive advantage. Increased production levels, higher productivity and attractive products will lead to better economic results and creation of the new jobs in the cross-border regions, which will significantly positively affect the quality of life in the communities of this region.

Lead partner: Technical faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” Zrenjanin, University of  Novi Sad, Serbia

Project partners 1: Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara, Romania

Project partners 2: Municipality of Plandiste


The Project sruff for Serbian (Technical faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”) side:

Vasilije Petrović, Project Menager

Milan Pavlović, Project Coordinator for R&D

Aleksandar Djurić, Project Coordinator for industry

Milan Nikolić, Financial Associate

Marija Pešić, Administrative assistant

The Project sruff for Romanian side:

Hariton Florea, Project Coordinator in Timisoara

Reimschneider Eugenia, Project Coordinator for R&D

Spiridon Cosmin Alexandru, Project Financial Assistant


The Project stuff for Serbian (Municipality of Plandiste) side:

Jelena Milutinovic, Project Coordinator for Plandiste

Jelica Hrnja, Administrative Financial assistant


Realized activity on the project implementation:

The promotive conference in Serbia, January, 18. 2016. Zrenjanin, Serbia

Study trip in Serbia, February, 16-20.2016.

Study trip in Romania, February, 25-29.2016.

Roundtable discussion in Serbia, March, 03.2016.

Organization of education in Serbia, March, 23 – April, 17.2016.

Roundtable discussion in Romania, April, 11.2016.

Organization of education in Serbia-Plandiste, May, 09.2016.

Organization of exhibition of collected authentic symbols in Serbia, May, 10-11.2016.

Organization of exhibition of collected authentic symbols in Romania, May, 12-13.2016.

Organization of exhibition of collected authentic symbols in Serbia-Plandiste, May, 15.2016.

The exchange of lecturers – lectures in Serbia, June, 16.2016.

The exchange of lecturers – lectures in Romania, July, 04.2016.

Equipment purchase, training course, in Romania, June, 2016.

Marketing study, September, 2016.

Equipment purchase, training course, in Serbia, November – December, 2016.

Catalogue of collected published works, in Serbia,  in Romania, November – December, 2016.

Fashion show, Timisoara, December 13.2016.

Fashion show, Vršac, December 14.2016.

Fashion show, Zrenjanin, December 15.2016.


The final conference will be held at the Technical faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” in Zrenjanin, 22.12.2016. starting at 11:00h. For additional information you can contact Marija Pešić marija.stankovic.986@gmail.com  and  Anita Milosavljević anita.milosavljevic@hotmail.com.